Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship based approaches in social work


Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship-based approaches in Social Work

Read Previous Clare Winnicott Winners in The Journal of Social Work Practice

Winners of the Clare Winnicott Essay Awards are published in the Journal of Social Work Practice.  You can read winning entries from previous years here:

Feeling safe enough to explore as a newly qualified social worker – Harriet Ballantine-Thomas – Practitioner Category 2023

“Difference which makes a difference” (Bateson, 1972): how the neurodiversity paradigm and systemic approaches can support individuals and organisations to facilitate more helpful conversations about autism – Éilis Long – Practitioner Category 2022

Critical pedagogy and open dialogue – their parallels and importance for social work practice – Sophie Mckenzie-Brook – Student Category 2022

Helping us heal; how creative life story work supports individuals and organisations to recover from trauma – Rebecca Booth – Practitioner Category 2021

A message of hope: the challenges of relationship-based practice in a time of social distancing, but why it is more important than ever to come together – Emilie Wright – Student Category 2020

Navigating the ‘shadow of loss’ in mental health social work – Alastair Beech – Student Category 2019

Omniscience at the Edge of Chaos: complexity, defences and change in a Children and Families Social Work department – Henry Smith – Practitioner Category 2019

Making and breaking families: a short essay on loss, hope and staying connected – Louise Sims – Student Category 2018

Assessing change using psychoanalytic theory in children and families social work – Andrew Davies – Practitioner Category 2018

Wounding Healers. Killing with kindness on the road to hell – Martin Smith – Practitioner Category 2017

Clare Winnicott Essay Awards

The 2023 Clare Winnicott Essay Awards are open for submissions from unpublished Social Work Practitioners and Social Work Students

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