Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship based approaches in social work


Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship-based approaches in Social Work

Kyiv historic drawing

Ukraine, the West & Russia: Putin’s War – A Personal Reflection

Resource Description:

Ukraine, the West & Russia: Putin’s War – A Personal Reflection


Nigel Elliot
July 2022


“The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sent shockwaves across Europe and I have been struck how this applies at individual as well as governmental and institutional levels.” In this reflective piece, Nigel Elliott delves into the history of Russia and Ukraine, shedding light on matters of nationhood and the possible part played by the West's interactions with Russia, in response to some of the troubling questions the current conflict presents.

Nigel would like to thank family and colleagues whose advice and support encouraged him to persevere with this article so that, he trusts, it is now suitable to be a published publicly available resource for GAPS readers

November 2022: Following the death of Mikhail Gorbachev in August 2022, Nigel has added a postscript tribute to him (see p.10). 

Kyiv historical image

The multiple domes of St. Sophia Cathedral, Kyiv, c.1889: symbol of the beauty and the spiritual and cultural heritage of Ukraine (Public Domain, National Gallery of Art, Washington, sourced via Wikimedia, ‘Kyiv’)

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