Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship based approaches in social work


Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship-based approaches in Social Work

Exploring Our Work Challenges Using a Systems Centered® Approach


10 Sessions beginning Weds 24th January 2024




9.30 - 10.45




Juliet Koprowska

Build emotional connection with yourself and others, learn new skills to manage work challenges and take them back to your team

  • Would you like to develop your ability to manage work challenges in a safe and confidential online group with other social workers?
  • Do you value CPD that brings peers together to explore work issues? Then this group might be for you.

About the Group

  • If you attend this group, you will:
    gain more access to your emotional and cognitive knowledge and your curiosity, in our work together and in your various roles as social workers
  • learn about the concepts of role, goal and context and how you can apply them in order to distinguish boundaries more clearly, and accept limitations at less personal cost
  • learn the theory and skills underlying functional subgrouping to explore and manage work conflicts – in the group, and back in your workplace

This group will

  • be a warm and supportive online space to explore work issues
  • meet approximately once a fortnight Jan-May 2024 for 75 minutes each time
  • be a closed group after the first meeting, with stable membership
  • lead to a CPD certificate for those attending at least 8 sessions
  • be led by Juliet Koprowska, Chair of GAPS

If you are interested…

Please come along to the first session on Wednesday 24th January from 9.30-10.45am where you will get started with functional subgrouping and explore whether the group is the right place for you. If it is, then you will sign up for the subsequent nine sessions (dates below)

The group is open to all, so please share this information with Social Work colleagues. Previous SCT Group members are welcome to join again and attend all 10 sessions.
The group will meet on Zoom on the following mornings from 9.30 – 10.45am

Weds 24th January
Weds 31st January
Weds 14th February
Weds 28th February
Weds 13th March
Weds 27th March
Weds 10th April
Weds 24th April
Weds 8th May
Weds 22nd May 

To let us know you are interested, follow the booking link. There is space on the form for questions or concerns.

Juliet Koprowska

Juliet Koprowska

Juliet Koprowska is author of Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work (2024, 6th edition upcoming), and taught on social work programmes at the University of York from 1995-2018. She is a Licensed Systems-Centered practitioner, co-ordinates an annual SCT training week held in York and leads training groups in SCT. Juliet is Chair of GAPS.

We asked previous groups’ participants

How has being part of the group impacted on your work?

  • I feel more calm and less anxious. I am enjoying my work again and look forward to embracing the challenges.
  • It has helped shift me from a place of despondency and confusion to a place of openness and confidence. In some ways it has been transformative. From contemplating leaving the profession when I started in January I am enthused at being a social work practitioner/leader again. I have a framework and a practice that I am drawing on to sustain me in highly stressed systems
  • I have become a better listener with greater understanding of systems,  and using this understanding to manage difficult situations, part of leadership and training.

What has been the most important aspect of the experience?

  • Connecting with others, learning a new way of listening, reflecting and exploring similarities and differences.
  • Investing in myself and joining around common personal and professional challenges.
  • The commitment of all who participated in exploring complexity in a system and society that does not allow that sought of work was just brilliant. It felt like a radical act.
  • Rediscovering my love of this work
  • The experience of the group, the different backgrounds and lines of work. I felt ‘more like a social worker’ in this group, I felt less alone, I was able to show my vulnerabilities and be supported.
  • As well as being part of group and improving listening, for me the most important aspect was when Juliet got us to be present, articulate what we were feeling and breaking down our thoughts. Getting us to engage with change with curiosity. Very powerful.
  • Learning to listen and rethink with a different perspective. Be aware of our thinking and emotions at the same time. Reflecting on working within and with systems, challenges and how to work towards overcoming these.
  • The luxury of learning with open minded colleagues.
  • A sense of ongoing developing of my knowledge and practice. Also being reminded I am part of a community of open minded and dedicated practitioners.
  • An invaluable space to learn more about yourself, others and what helps to mobilise the necessary responses in highly complex and emotionally charged settings and situations.

To let us know you are interested, follow the booking link. There is space on the form for questions or concerns.

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