Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship based approaches in social work


Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship-based approaches in Social Work

Institute of Group Analysis: Foundation Weekend: Reflective Practice in Organisations


12th & 13th November 2022


London NW3


10am - 5.30pm


£350 - £402


The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented upheaval and disruption. It has led to ongoing uncertainty and insecurity for many people and organisations. It has highlighted the fact that we live in an interdependent world where factors affecting our lives are not directly within our control. Many organisations feel under threat and are struggling for economic survival. Many workers feel at the edge of being burnt out and exhausted. Increasing numbers of people are working remotely and having to balance care for family with the demands of work. The boundary between what is personal and what is professional has become blurred. It can be difficult to feel part of a team when one is not physically present.

Reflective spaces to manage these anxieties are more important than ever. Team effectiveness is not simply about the allocation and completion of agreed tasks; it is also about sustaining a team culture that promotes open communication, creativity, mutual support and challenge. A reflective practice group is a deliberately created space for colleagues to have the difficult conversations necessary about how to face the future.

There is a long history of reflective practice groups in a variety of settings. Some of these groups have moved online. Other teams are realising for the first time that they need outside support and are requesting help. Providing online or in person reflective practice is new for many practitioners.

What will happen on the course?

This weekend course is an introduction to using a group analytic approach to working with teams and organisations. It focuses on how to create online and in person reflective spaces to improve team communication, develop collective emotional resilience, and improve performance.

The course will take place at Daleham Gardens in London. It will include lectures from experienced group analysts, peer discussion, and opportunities to experience the dynamics of reflecting in small and median groups. There will be opportunities to consider how to apply this learning in your own work setting.

Who is the Weekend for?

The weekend is open to anyone with an interest in reflective practice in a work setting. This may be as a manager, a reflective practitioner, a coach, or organisational consultant. It will be especially useful for people working with multi-disciplinary teams in complex or challenging settings. It will be of particularly interest to people who are running a reflective practice group or who wish to set up such a group.

Group analysis values differing perspectives and diversity. The course welcomes applications from professionals with a variety of theoretical perspectives, and welcomes people of all ages, abilities, race, class, religion, gender and sexualities.

The weekend is a prerequisite for practitioners applying for the Diploma in Reflective Practice in Organisations.

The Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) is the UK base of Group Analysis, an internationally established discipline with seventy years’ practice-based theoretical literature. With a long and distinguished track record of expertise in group dynamics, Group Analysis articulates fundamental processes which can be observed in all groups, and pays close attention to the relationship between each individual in the group and the group as a whole, making it a particularly valuable model for working with teams and Reflective Practice Groups.

Validation – A CPD certificate will be provided.

Reflective Practice Weekend Course Fees

Standard IGA Members: £350

Non-member: £402

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