Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship based approaches in social work


Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship-based approaches in Social Work

Living with uncertainty: two Systems-Centered® workshops


Mon 14th & Tue 15 June 2021


Online via Zoom


9.15am - 4pm


£350 - £445


Madeline O’Carroll, Juliet Koprowska, Rowena Davis and Annie MacIver

Both workshops are open to newcomers and those familiar with Systems-Centered work

Choose from:

Living with not knowing: Using the Foundations of Systems-Centered work

Led by Madeline O’Carroll and Juliet Koprowska

This workshop is an introduction to the foundations of SCT. Combining theoretical understanding and the SCT method of functional subgrouping, the workshop will allow us to explore human responses to ‘not knowing’ such as anxiety and frustration.

We will use Systems-Centered theory and methods to discriminate between the realities that we can’t change and our automatic reactions, which we can learn to change.

Through experiential work in the here-and-now microcosm of the group, we will pay attention to our reactions and explore alternative pathways using our curiosity.

The workshop will include theoretical input, skills practice and experiential work, and allow us to make connections with ourselves and one another.

Working with uncertainty in organisations: the Systems-Centered approach

Led by Rowena Davis and Annie MacIver

This workshop will explore the impact of uncertainty on our leadership and membership roles at work.  What helps and what gets in the way of fully inhabiting our authority in our leader/member roles? We will:

  • Use the Systems-Centered method of functional subgrouping to explore our reactions to uncertainty and its impact on us in our work roles
  • Practise undoing our anxiety to become more curious at the edge of the unknown
  • Use Systems-Centered theory and practice to move from personalising our experience to seeing the impact of the wider context
  • Discover what helps and what gets in the way of supporting ourselves and others to take up systems leadership and membership in uncertain times

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