Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship based approaches in social work


Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship-based approaches in Social Work

System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction: Introductory SAVI Workshop


Mon 6th - Tues 7th June 2022




9:00 - 17:30




Rowena Davis & Annika Hall

SAVI is a practical, theory-based tool created by Agazarian & Simon for mapping and having more productive and satisfying conversations at work and in our personal lives.

Come & learn the nuts & bolts of SAVI & practise having more productive & satisfying conversations
In this two-day Introductory Workshop, open to all, we will:

  • Explore through the SAVI lens why some conversations flow & others get stuck
  • Discover ways to reduce ‘noise’ so more information gets heard & problems are solved more easily
  • Try out new verbal behaviours to increase energy & satisfaction at work & in life
  • Build an exploratory, collaborative learning climate & have fun

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