Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship based approaches in social work


Promoting systemic thinking, and therapeutic and relationship-based approaches in Social Work

Harmful Sexual Behaviour – a workshop for Social Work Practitioners working with Children and Young People.


Friday 8th September




9.30am - 4.30pm




Indie Larby

Children and young people experience the challenges of growing up in different ways and their sexual development is one important aspect of this. Sexual behaviour lies on a continuum which ranges from being healthy/appropriate to problematic/inappropriate to abusive/harmful. Some children and young people can display inappropriate, problematic or harmful sexual behaviour; understanding contextual issues underpinning the behaviour as well as the individual developmental needs of the child are crucial for both assessment and meaningful intervention.

In this one-day workshop participants will ….

  • develop their understanding of the differences between healthy, problematic and harmful sexual behaviours
  • understand the needs that some children are trying to meet when behaving in sexually harmful ways
  • challenge some of the myths and stereotypes regarding children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour
  • feel more confident about engaging and working with children with problematic or harmful sexual behaviours
  • have the opportunity to discuss practitioner experiences and anxieties.

Having attended the workshop, participants should have:

  • improved knowledge of evidence based frameworks in assessing and working with children and young people with harmful sexual behaviours
  • an understanding of relevant research to inform practice
  • learning about communication and activities to engage children and young people
    opportunities to practice, participate and learn in a safe environment

The workshop will be positive fun and interactive.

Places for this workshop are limited

This will be a small, in person training group. There is no charge for attendance, but once enrolled, protecting your time in order that you can attend will be really important to the success of the day. If you would like to enrol  please contact us to make arrangements.

Indie Larby

Indie Larby

Indie is an Independent Specialist Social Worker, Practice Educator and Harmful Sexual Behaviour Trainer and Consultant. For 9 years, as a Specialist Social Worker within Aberdeenshire Council’s Youth Services Sexual Behaviour Service, she worked with children and young people, ages 5-18 who were engaging in sexually harmful behaviour. More recently she has worked to support children and young people at risk of or experiencing Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). Indie delivers training for professionals in the social care and education workforce, including local authorities and residential settings.

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